Comparison of cuts

Common elements and benefits:

All of our corsets pull in your waist by 4 inches (10cm), make you look fantastic and will give you that majestic hourglass figure. They are specifically cut to exaggerate your natural female figure, flattening out the tummy, show off and draw attention to your curvy hips and bust. They prevent slouching, aiding your ladylike posture.

Wearing the corset gives you a great feeling of empowerment, knowing everything is held in place, tucked away and your best features accentuated is a major confidence booster.

All of the corsets are fitted in a similar way, the narrowest part of the corsets (waistline) should be lined up with your narrowest point (waistline).

Pull in the waist as far as is comfortable, and tighten the top and bottom until they fit snugly, not too tight (If you over tighten the top or bottom, you will get unwanted ?bulges?) just enough to get a smooth line between where the corset ends and you begin.

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The 4 main differences are: Ease of putting on.

Ease of wear




If you want the full corset effect, this is the one for you. The overbust holds everything in place and supports the bust. It can be worn without a shirt and bra but doesn?t have to be.

The overbust is more constricting than the other cuts and will limit your movement more. Although they are busk fronted they are more difficult to put on than the other cuts.

Full length underbust:

Easier to wear, less restricting and quicker to put on than our overbust. It gives more coverage and control than the Front lacing underbust and waspie cuts. It is one step down from the overbust and also cheaper, it is a great intermediate cut, balancing a compromise between simplicity and control.

It doesn?t support the bust (best worn with a bra and over a shit or chemise), is more restricting and takes longer to put on than the front lacing underbust and waspie.

Front lacing Underbust:

This is our easiest and quickest corset to put on, it can be put on in less than a minute. Easier to wear and less restricting than our overbust and underbust cuts. It gives more coverage and control than the waspie cut. It is cheaper than our overbust and is another one that can be worn easily for long periods, at work, dancing etc? This is our second most popular cut.

It doesn?t support the bust (best worn with a bra and over a shit or chemise) and is more expensive and more restricting than our waspie

Waspie/Waist cincher:

The Easiest to wear and quicker to put on than most of our corsets yet maintains the most important benefits! The waspie allows more movement than our other corsets making it ideal for dancing, work etc... although the front lacing underbust is a close second. The waspie is also our cheapest and most popular cut. It is a great entry level piece as well as a great piece for the experienced corset wearer who wants something simple and quick to put on.

It doesn?t support the bust, (best worn with a bra and over a shit or chemise) and doesn?t come down as low over the hip. For ease of putting on, it is beaten by the front lacing underbust.

The final choice is down to personal preference and budget:
The Waspie wins on price and ease of wear. It is second for ease of putting on.
The Front lacing underbust wins on Ease of putting on. It is second for ease of wear
The Underbust is a compromise between all the factors, coming second on control.
The overbust wins on control.

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